New Eyes

things to remember…

  • He ALWAYS gets comfortable. He always stops doing what he should be doing.
  • He never changes; he always finds new ways to communicate with his ex-girlfriends. (ick)
  • He can’t seem to hold onto ANY money… or a reliable car.
  • There’s got to be a reason why he was married before and it didn’t work out.
  • Sometimes he’s just mean.
  • It took him TWO YEARS to finally want to REALLY be with me. (wtf?) That should have been a red flag…


Now remember this…

  • I’ll get over it.
  • It will get easier.
  • I’ll be happy again.
  • I’ll open up to love again.
  • I have support.
  • Lydia is most important.

very cute, simple idea. love it.

peanut buttered

very very slowly, and not very surely, we are making improvements to our house – from big facelift projects (painting the whole interior, re-tiling the kitchen) to minor nips and tucks – like this mirror.DIY spray-painted mirror, spray paint primer, peanut buttered blog, mirror makeover

the original chocolate brown wooden frame was pretty horrendous. and after we made the wall surrounding the fireplace a bright blue feature, it had to go. immediately. i took it down and it sat in the corner for oh, six months, before i finally got around to sanding it back.DIY spray-painted mirror, spray paint primer, peanut buttered blog, mirror makeover

DIY spray-painted mirror, spray paint primer, peanut buttered blog, mirror makeover

DIY spray-painted mirror, spray paint primer, peanut buttered blog, mirror makeover

another few months passed before i finally primed and spray-painted the frame a pale silver. i sprayed three coats of white primer in 30 minute intervals, let it dry overnight, then spray painted three coats of metallic silver in 30 minute intervals.plasti-kote primer metallic spray-paintDIY spray-painted mirror, spray paint primer, peanut buttered blog, mirror makeover

i finally finished the mirror makeover in december and had it up in time to adorn it with fairy lights for christmas…

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Since I am moving into a new place in a few weeks, I think I might take advantage of this adorable idea. Will blog about it if I do. 🙂


DIY gallery framed wall

Sometimes I get on tangents that end up a little more involved than I’d hoped. For instance, I was doing a little rearranging around the house yesterday since I’ve been so busy with other things that I still haven’t taken the time to focus on setting up our new apartment. So, I decided on a whim to start on the gallery wall that I wanted to do (inspired from the top photo) by using this seemingly simple technique. Looking at these two photos the whole gallery wall idea seems both charming and totally do-able, and it is. But, what they don’t show you is the sweating, curling paper, flip-flopping, cats jumping in the air, tippy toes on a ladder version of this women, which, is the actual truth of it all.

Hence my original statement of things being a little more involved than I’d hoped. Overall though, this technique totally…

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Owl Tote

I saw an owl tote bag at the store that I thought was the cutest thing. I almost bought it to use as a diaper bag. I put it back and decided to try making my own instead… 🙂

I just used a plain white tote back, fabric scraps, some gems and buttons. Here’s my weekend project. 🙂


Spring in Cleveland

Spring in Cleveland feels like it came early this year! It’s been such an abnormally mild winter and now spring is right on time. We’re having mostly warm days and the flowers are blooming. I am in love with this season. I went outside to take some pictures of the flowers.

These are everywhere. They are very fragrant and I can smell them all up and down the street.


Here they are again, from farther away.


…And some yellow ones. I don’t know what they are. 😛


Now if only it could be spring or summer all year long in Ohio.


I wanted to take some time on this post to share the most exciting part of my life right now! I am expecting a baby in July. It’s a little girl and her name is Lydia. This is my first and let me tell you; pregnancy is a ROLLER COASTER. My emotions have never been so out of whack, and talk about bodily changes… DAMN. All of this will be well worth the end result. I couldn’t be happier.

I also wanted to share some ultrasounds. They are so good it’s a little scary! It’s hard to believe that little person is inside of me. Except for when she moves. That’s the best part of my day. Sometimes the kicks are so big I can see my belly jump from the outside. I’m currently about 26 weeks along. I hope you find these pictures almost as fascinating as I do. 😛ImageImageImage