Since I am moving into a new place in a few weeks, I think I might take advantage of this adorable idea. Will blog about it if I do. 🙂


DIY gallery framed wall

Sometimes I get on tangents that end up a little more involved than I’d hoped. For instance, I was doing a little rearranging around the house yesterday since I’ve been so busy with other things that I still haven’t taken the time to focus on setting up our new apartment. So, I decided on a whim to start on the gallery wall that I wanted to do (inspired from the top photo) by using this seemingly simple technique. Looking at these two photos the whole gallery wall idea seems both charming and totally do-able, and it is. But, what they don’t show you is the sweating, curling paper, flip-flopping, cats jumping in the air, tippy toes on a ladder version of this women, which, is the actual truth of it all.

Hence my original statement of things being a little more involved than I’d hoped. Overall though, this technique totally…

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